Guest and Keynote Speaker

Whether your topic is social media management or marketing (in general or platform specific), or perhaps it’s Online Reputation Management (ORM), or something else all together, I’d welcome an opportunity to share my expertise with your audience. Whether you have a small group associated with your Chamber of Commerce, a class of college students, or a whole Conference Center room filled with attendees, I can adapt the presentation to fit your needs.

The charge for this is determined by many factors – time of day, location, etc. – it could be FREE. It all depends! As such I invite you to contact me directly at lisa(at) to discuss.


The following lists services I currently only provide to select clients I continue to work with on occasion and are not available at this time:

Public Relations

My goal has been to connect businesses and organizations to their customers and clients in such a way that the connection drives revenue in for them. I specialize in the utilization of Social Media as a major tool that connects THEIR public to them. Through the use of Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare and a host of other social media tools I pulled their target audience in giving them access to a whole different way of communicating with them.

I also used a variety of additional methods and strategies to drive your business as well.  These include (but are not limited to):

  • Press Releases
  • Video Production
  • Publicity Events (speeches, seminars, news conferences, etc.)
  • Biographical or other writings
  • Marketing Collateral (both print-ready and web-ready)
Feature Writing

As businesses and orgs were looking for someone to write an article for your weekly, monthly, semi-annual, or annual publication, I would reach out to them.  I am a passionate writer who develop stories from a personal perspective.  I brainstorm ideas with my clients, research as appropriate, spend as much time as needed to “get the story”, and produced an article that prove worthy of my efforts on their behalves.  Lisa’s goal has always been to relate each article that she writes to the reader no matter what the subject.
She has produced feature articles in the past for Local Business Magazine.  In preparation for those articles, she met with Local Business Magazine clients, spent significant time with them to get a feel for where their own passion for their business comes from, and then wrote the article based on that experience.

“Saw your article and thought it was very flattering to your shop. If you’ve already been you know it to be true and you.  If haven’t been yet, it makes you want to go and see what all the fuss is about!”

~ a customer to Fancy That! Co-Owner, Debbie Hammond, after Lisa’s article on her shop in a past issue of Local Business Magazine.

Editorial Services

For businesses and orgs that had marketing materials that needed some updating to reflect current trends, Iworked with them to do just that.  Through the power of the written word, I assisted them in displaying a tone that reflected the passion in what they do out to their clients and customers, helped them reduce word count, and worked with a graphic designer of their choice or one recommended by my contacts to design just the right materials they needed.

In addition to marketing collateral, I assisted with any other written materials that might have needed tweaking – biographies, articles, reports, etc.