Hands On Approach to Social Media Returns to JCC Small Business Center March 8th-29th

In just a couple of weeks my VERY Hands On Approach to Social Media workshop begins it’s 4-week run at the Johnston Community College Small Business Center campus in Clayton.

If you’ve been thinking about entering into the world of content marketing and social media, you should join us!  The first class is an overall introduction into the web 2.0 marketing world and sets the stage for the remaining three classes.  Participants leave the first night with a bit of “homework” to prepare for whichever classes they choose next.  Some take all three while others choose to take one or two.  It depends on your marketing goals for your business and the time and resources you wish to utilize to get there.

The workshop is set up for those that are ready to enter the space but have not yet.  This is their chance to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for their businesses, format their blog (and if time permits, post their first blog post), and gain some insight into the world of user generated content through video and image galleries as well.  This is NOT for those that already have accounts on the various platforms because of the structure of this workshop.

The first session of this series (held in the fall of 2010) was very successful.  I encourage you to at the very least attend the first session on March 8th from 6-8pm.

For more information and to register, please visit the Johnston Community College Small Business upcoming seminars page on their website or contact me at lisa(at)lisasullivanpr(dot)com.

Hope to see YOU on March 8th!




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Raleigh Entrepreneur’s Organization Presentation Recap

Two weeks ago, I was invited by Christine Alexander, Founder and Organizer of  the Raleigh Entrepreneur’s Organization, to speak on the subject of using Twitter for business for their February 15th meeting.  I would speak along with two other local experts in the social media space – Heather O’Sullivan Canney, who spoke about Facebook for business and William Blackmon who covered Linked In.  I was honored to be included amongst the group and absolutely accepted the invitation. What I walked away with that evening was so much more than I put into the presentation, at least I think so anyway.

At Raleigh Entrepreneur's Organization, Feb 2011. Image courtesy of Christine Alexander.

First, there was a sense of pride for this community.  I’ve always felt like the Triangle is an amazing hub of social media goodness.  Having been involved with such events as Wordcamp RDU and Ignite Durham, not to mention the countless contacts (and friends) I have made in my four years of being out in this community, I always knew that I was in the right place for what I wanted to embark on professionally.  But, to sit amongst two extremely knowledgeable counterparts in the medium with each of us providing our own little nuggets of nourishment, I walked away with a fresh sense of that community pride.  Both Heather and William were dynamite!  It was a true honor to share the podium with them.

Second, I absolutely loved the flow of the meeting.  Each of us experts had twenty minutes to present on our topics and then there was an hour-long Q&A afterwords.  Christine kept everyone on time and the conversation flowing during the Q&A.  Even better, the audience seemed hungry to learn more, and that in and of itself was wonderful.

Third, and I’m about to toot my horn a little, I realized that I really did have something to contribute, something of value that each person in that room could learn from.  I have spent so much time over the last two years assisting my own clients with implementation of their social media strategies that when I put it all together in a presentation of that caliber, I realized that I too have continuously learned in the space…and that’s what social media is – it’s constantly learning about the latest and greatest tools, strategies, etc. so as to implement them for success. I’m in the right place for sure!

Overall, it was a really fantastic night for us and for the attendees.

If you are an Entrepreneur living in the Triangle and haven’t had an opportunity to visit this Meet Up group, I highly recommend that you do at some point.  Christine is a remarkable leader and the group itself is a team of like-minded folks that support each other’s success.

Thanks for having me, Christine!  It was a pleasure. 🙂

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Focusing On Gainful Employment in 2011

First, my apologies for the lag in time between updates.  My goals for 2011 have changed slightly and thus, I have been concentrating on achieving them.  Lisa Sullivan PR continues to exist but at a much less focused capacity.

Lisa Sullivan PR was formed out of a need to continue to hone my skills in the web 2.0 / social media marketing space while providing services to that end for various clients.  Upon being laid off in March of 2009 and while looking for the perfect full-time opportunity, I began to serve more clients and I even took on a full-time contract job with Media Two Interactive as well.  While I have enjoyed working with individual clients as well as on a contract basis, I quickly realized that I prefer working with just one team of individuals who aspire to be successful with their own web 2.0 marketing efforts.  As such, my search continues.

Volunteering on the Red Carpet for NHL All Star Weekend 2011

While I continue working with  Jean Schnaak, designer of The Loving Heart Collection, and Golf For Geniuses (dot) com on each of their social media strategies, I have spent much of the last six weeks ramping up my job search as a web 2.0 marketing strategist / community relations manager for a company or nonprofit organization in need of my expertise.  Between forwarding my resume through various contacts I currently have, networking to meet new ones, meeting with a recruiter, and volunteering my skills for such events as The NHL All Star Game and Ignite Durham, I have focused less on gaining additional clients and more on gainful employment.

At Raleigh Entrepreneur's Organization, Feb 2011. Image courtesy of Christine Alexander.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting about specific opportunities that I have had / will have to share my expertise with my local community.  Recently, I spoke at the Raleigh Entrepreneur’s Organization on the topic of “Community Building One Tweet At a Time” and plan to write a brief recap of that event here.  Additionally, in the month of March, I will again be instructing a four-week workshop entitled, “A Hands-On Approach to Social Media” through the Johnston Community College Small Business Center. Also in the works, is a separate workshop detailing best practices on how to use video and images to market your business.  More info to come!

My focus is finding gainful employment and while doing so, I plan to continue to provide workshops and/or present in the always changing arena of web 2.0 marketing as requested.

Want to learn more about me and what I can do for your business or organization?  Click the “Why Hire Me” tab above or connect with me on Linked In and let’s talk. I’m DYING to work for you!

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Why Hire a Social Media “Expert”

Expert.  I hate using that word to describe this particular niche.  That’s why it’s in quotes.  We’re not “experts” per se.  There isn’t a college degree for this, or at least I haven’t seen a diploma that says “Bachelor of Science in Social Media Marketing”.  Although, mark my words, it’s coming.  In some way, shape or form, it’s coming.We are not experts.  We are constant learners forever grasping the latest and greatest in the social media space.  Whether through customized RSS feeds, engaging on the medium (which most of us do 80% of the time), or attending the vast array of conferences out there, we are learners.  We understand how best to use the medium for effective value for whatever that value may be.  It’s because of this very fact, that if you’re considering entering the social media space, you should hire someone who can tell you how to do it right.

Look at it this way, if you’re going to pay money for traditional advertising anyway, why not throw a few bucks at someone who can help you with new and social media.  Social media marketing is not an “extra” and should not be thought of in that vein.  It’s an equal.

With over 500,000,000 on Facebook – that fact alone should tell you something. If you’re reading this, my guess is you’re already thinking you need someone who can navigate the space with you in the most effective way to reach your customers (future and current), clients, volunteers, or even your donors.

Interns can help facilitate some of your strategy.  Agencies can help you create, monitor, and yes, even facilitate that strategy (Although, in my opinion, not all companies or organizations need an ageny to “do it all”.  It depends on many factors – strategy, manpower and resources, to name a few ).  Sometimes, it’s best to add to (or create) a department, even if that department is of one, to assist you with your social media marketing.

All this to say, that I am a social media “learner,” a willing advocate in the space who hopes to work for one company or one non-profit organization as their social media marketing / community evangelist.

I liken my future role as that of a “human billboard”.  Promotional marketing is a passion of mine.  I enjoy attending conferences and trade shows, Chamber and community events.  And I love doing all of that while staying connected in the social media space through my smart phone or laptop so as to continue to build your community of advocates for your services, products, or cause.

You need an “expert.”  I’m not that, but I am certainly a learner.  I hope you will contact me to find out how I can assist your company or organization with your journey in the social media space.

I look forward to hearing from you!



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Hands On Approach to Social Media Workshop Picked Up for Spring Semester

I am pleased to announce that the Johnston Community College Small Business Center in Clayton, North Carolina has scheduled my workshop – Hands On Approach to Social Media – for the spring 2011 semester!

If you live and/or work in Johnston County, North Carolina you won’t want to miss out on this fabulous opportunity to take part in this truly hands-on approach to learning how to use social media marketing effectively for your business or nonprofit organization.  Mark your calendars for these four Tuesdays in March 2011 – 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th.

Each week, we’ll dive into some of the most used social media tools – Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, You Tube/ Vimeo, Flickr etc.  The workshop begins with a 2-hour course introducing the medium, goal setting, and discussions on social media monitoring and guidelines.  Participants are given “homework” that will further aid in their preparation for the remaining courses in the series, all of which will assist each participant as they embark on their journey in the social media space to help them reach their business or organizational goals.

For more information, take a gander at the current workshop series and stay tuned to the JCC Small Business Center website for registration information.

Johnston County, I’m here for you!  Let’s take this journey together.  Hope to see many of you there!

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Social Media Conferences – the Good the Bad the Ugly

Conferences.  They have their advantages and their disadvantages.  We’ve all been to some really good ones…and we’ve attended some that don’t even deserve a ranking (come on, you know you have!).  Over the years, as a former teacher I have attended educational conferences (some good; some bad) but most recently, I have had the privilege of not only attending, but volunteering at several social media conferences.  Do you know which I prefer more?  Here let me answer that for you – the social media crowd.  Continue reading


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Joining the Media Two Interactive Team!

I am absolutely thrilled to be making this announcement –

Come Monday, June 21st, I will be joining the team at Media Two Interactive in the role of Copywriter/Social Media Specialist.

This is a LONG time in coming.  As most of you know, I have spent the last 15 months looking for the perfect position where I can continue to hone my craft as a writer and my skills (notice I didn’t say “expertise”?) in social media marketing.  I get to combine the two in this wonderful new role at Media Two and I couldn’t be happier!

Media Two is an interactive advertising agency that specializes in the strategic planning, buying and design of interactive media while defining best practices for the cross-channel convergence of traditional and new media. With national clients like Microsoft, Google, and T-Mobile as well as local businesses such as Café Carolina and Kerr Drug, Media Two has been recognized as one of the Top 25 Fastest Growing Advertising and Marketing Firms in the US (Inc. Magazine, 2008). ~ taken from Media Two.net mixed in with a little of me.

I will get to work alongside some fantastic people whom I have already connected with via Twitter and the myriad of networking events I have attended in the past year.  People like Morgan Siem (@MorganSiem and @MediaTwo_Social) and Ellie Johnson (@EllieSJ) both of whom are also avid Tweet Divas,  of course, Mr. Michael Hubbard (@MediaTwo), CEO/Media Director, and a host of other brilliant minds I have yet to meet…and will come Monday.

Tweet Divas will continue on as will my evening workshop with Johnston Community College (this fall – see below).

Thank you to Media Two for embracing this new position by allowing me to be a part of your family.  I am looking forward to it!


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