Hands On Approach to Social Media Returns to JCC Small Business Center March 8th-29th

In just a couple of weeks my VERY Hands On Approach to Social Media workshop begins it’s 4-week run at the Johnston Community College Small Business Center campus in Clayton.

If you’ve been thinking about entering into the world of content marketing and social media, you should join us!  The first class is an overall introduction into the web 2.0 marketing world and sets the stage for the remaining three classes.  Participants leave the first night with a bit of “homework” to prepare for whichever classes they choose next.  Some take all three while others choose to take one or two.  It depends on your marketing goals for your business and the time and resources you wish to utilize to get there.

The workshop is set up for those that are ready to enter the space but have not yet.  This is their chance to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts for their businesses, format their blog (and if time permits, post their first blog post), and gain some insight into the world of user generated content through video and image galleries as well.  This is NOT for those that already have accounts on the various platforms because of the structure of this workshop.

The first session of this series (held in the fall of 2010) was very successful.  I encourage you to at the very least attend the first session on March 8th from 6-8pm.

For more information and to register, please visit the Johnston Community College Small Business upcoming seminars page on their website or contact me at lisa(at)lisasullivanpr(dot)com.

Hope to see YOU on March 8th!




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2 responses to “Hands On Approach to Social Media Returns to JCC Small Business Center March 8th-29th

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I love your content on your blog. I see you have a lot of weapons to get the message out there which is awesome! I didn’t see any mention of the one that I use. Check out my website and see if these tools can benefit your clients. Also I was looking for a contact page or a way to contact you other than leaving a comment to your blog.
    To Your Success,
    Leida Adams

  2. Thank you, Leida and I apologize for the late response. I’ve been busy!

    Most of my clients contact me via my social channels or email as indicated on several of these pages. I have only one phone number and since it’s my primary number, I do not just leave it for the world to see. Perhaps someday I’ll have two phone numbers to use but for now, it’s just one. Feel free to contact me at lisa(at)lisasullivanpr(dot)com any time.

    Thanks again!

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