Raleigh Entrepreneur’s Organization Presentation Recap

Two weeks ago, I was invited by Christine Alexander, Founder and Organizer of  the Raleigh Entrepreneur’s Organization, to speak on the subject of using Twitter for business for their February 15th meeting.  I would speak along with two other local experts in the social media space – Heather O’Sullivan Canney, who spoke about Facebook for business and William Blackmon who covered Linked In.  I was honored to be included amongst the group and absolutely accepted the invitation. What I walked away with that evening was so much more than I put into the presentation, at least I think so anyway.

At Raleigh Entrepreneur's Organization, Feb 2011. Image courtesy of Christine Alexander.

First, there was a sense of pride for this community.  I’ve always felt like the Triangle is an amazing hub of social media goodness.  Having been involved with such events as Wordcamp RDU and Ignite Durham, not to mention the countless contacts (and friends) I have made in my four years of being out in this community, I always knew that I was in the right place for what I wanted to embark on professionally.  But, to sit amongst two extremely knowledgeable counterparts in the medium with each of us providing our own little nuggets of nourishment, I walked away with a fresh sense of that community pride.  Both Heather and William were dynamite!  It was a true honor to share the podium with them.

Second, I absolutely loved the flow of the meeting.  Each of us experts had twenty minutes to present on our topics and then there was an hour-long Q&A afterwords.  Christine kept everyone on time and the conversation flowing during the Q&A.  Even better, the audience seemed hungry to learn more, and that in and of itself was wonderful.

Third, and I’m about to toot my horn a little, I realized that I really did have something to contribute, something of value that each person in that room could learn from.  I have spent so much time over the last two years assisting my own clients with implementation of their social media strategies that when I put it all together in a presentation of that caliber, I realized that I too have continuously learned in the space…and that’s what social media is – it’s constantly learning about the latest and greatest tools, strategies, etc. so as to implement them for success. I’m in the right place for sure!

Overall, it was a really fantastic night for us and for the attendees.

If you are an Entrepreneur living in the Triangle and haven’t had an opportunity to visit this Meet Up group, I highly recommend that you do at some point.  Christine is a remarkable leader and the group itself is a team of like-minded folks that support each other’s success.

Thanks for having me, Christine!  It was a pleasure. 🙂


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