Focusing On Gainful Employment in 2011

First, my apologies for the lag in time between updates.  My goals for 2011 have changed slightly and thus, I have been concentrating on achieving them.  Lisa Sullivan PR continues to exist but at a much less focused capacity.

Lisa Sullivan PR was formed out of a need to continue to hone my skills in the web 2.0 / social media marketing space while providing services to that end for various clients.  Upon being laid off in March of 2009 and while looking for the perfect full-time opportunity, I began to serve more clients and I even took on a full-time contract job with Media Two Interactive as well.  While I have enjoyed working with individual clients as well as on a contract basis, I quickly realized that I prefer working with just one team of individuals who aspire to be successful with their own web 2.0 marketing efforts.  As such, my search continues.

Volunteering on the Red Carpet for NHL All Star Weekend 2011

While I continue working with  Jean Schnaak, designer of The Loving Heart Collection, and Golf For Geniuses (dot) com on each of their social media strategies, I have spent much of the last six weeks ramping up my job search as a web 2.0 marketing strategist / community relations manager for a company or nonprofit organization in need of my expertise.  Between forwarding my resume through various contacts I currently have, networking to meet new ones, meeting with a recruiter, and volunteering my skills for such events as The NHL All Star Game and Ignite Durham, I have focused less on gaining additional clients and more on gainful employment.

At Raleigh Entrepreneur's Organization, Feb 2011. Image courtesy of Christine Alexander.

In the coming weeks, I will be posting about specific opportunities that I have had / will have to share my expertise with my local community.  Recently, I spoke at the Raleigh Entrepreneur’s Organization on the topic of “Community Building One Tweet At a Time” and plan to write a brief recap of that event here.  Additionally, in the month of March, I will again be instructing a four-week workshop entitled, “A Hands-On Approach to Social Media” through the Johnston Community College Small Business Center. Also in the works, is a separate workshop detailing best practices on how to use video and images to market your business.  More info to come!

My focus is finding gainful employment and while doing so, I plan to continue to provide workshops and/or present in the always changing arena of web 2.0 marketing as requested.

Want to learn more about me and what I can do for your business or organization?  Click the “Why Hire Me” tab above or connect with me on Linked In and let’s talk. I’m DYING to work for you!


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