Why Hire a Social Media “Expert”

Expert.  I hate using that word to describe this particular niche.  That’s why it’s in quotes.  We’re not “experts” per se.  There isn’t a college degree for this, or at least I haven’t seen a diploma that says “Bachelor of Science in Social Media Marketing”.  Although, mark my words, it’s coming.  In some way, shape or form, it’s coming.We are not experts.  We are constant learners forever grasping the latest and greatest in the social media space.  Whether through customized RSS feeds, engaging on the medium (which most of us do 80% of the time), or attending the vast array of conferences out there, we are learners.  We understand how best to use the medium for effective value for whatever that value may be.  It’s because of this very fact, that if you’re considering entering the social media space, you should hire someone who can tell you how to do it right.

Look at it this way, if you’re going to pay money for traditional advertising anyway, why not throw a few bucks at someone who can help you with new and social media.  Social media marketing is not an “extra” and should not be thought of in that vein.  It’s an equal.

With over 500,000,000 on Facebook – that fact alone should tell you something. If you’re reading this, my guess is you’re already thinking you need someone who can navigate the space with you in the most effective way to reach your customers (future and current), clients, volunteers, or even your donors.

Interns can help facilitate some of your strategy.  Agencies can help you create, monitor, and yes, even facilitate that strategy (Although, in my opinion, not all companies or organizations need an ageny to “do it all”.  It depends on many factors – strategy, manpower and resources, to name a few ).  Sometimes, it’s best to add to (or create) a department, even if that department is of one, to assist you with your social media marketing.

All this to say, that I am a social media “learner,” a willing advocate in the space who hopes to work for one company or one non-profit organization as their social media marketing / community evangelist.

I liken my future role as that of a “human billboard”.  Promotional marketing is a passion of mine.  I enjoy attending conferences and trade shows, Chamber and community events.  And I love doing all of that while staying connected in the social media space through my smart phone or laptop so as to continue to build your community of advocates for your services, products, or cause.

You need an “expert.”  I’m not that, but I am certainly a learner.  I hope you will contact me to find out how I can assist your company or organization with your journey in the social media space.

I look forward to hearing from you!




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9 responses to “Why Hire a Social Media “Expert”

  1. Well said. This post should be a clear example of your abilities in communication, your prowess of social media, and your passion for marketing. I would recommend you!

  2. I think you already have….on Linked In. LOL! Thank you, Friend, Colleague, & fellow job-seeker. I would recommend you too. Oh wait – I already have! But, if you need another one, you let me know. 😉

    I appreciate ya, Ashley Sue!

  3. Good luck to you in your search. Sending warm wishes your way.


  4. Thanks a bunch, Jeff! Consider your warm wishes received. 🙂

  5. Lisa,
    You have such an amazing talent…may you find the right job open up soon for you!

  6. Thank you, Miss Liza. That means a lot coming from you. 🙂 Just keep praying for me!

  7. I wish we could hire you! You’re pretty phenomenal, and anyone would definitely be lucky to have you on your team….as everyone else has said, I’d recommend you hands down to anyone! I hope the best for you!

  8. Eric…it’s nice to know that when Hope Cafe Raleigh is in need of someone with my skills, I’d be considered. Thank YOU for the kind words! 😉

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