Success Despite A Loss

Phase One of the application process to become the new Head Blogger for I Am A Super Woman dot com, the brand new initiative by Alicia Keys, was completed as of Monday, May 3rd. 

In early April, according to the site, Phase One consisted of merely submitting a cover letter and resume to, which I did.  But, I wasn’t going to stop there.  I figured they were looking for a blogger, a social media maven and I figured they not only would have eyes checking out the interwebs to see what applicants already had for a social media presence, but that applicants might also build something – a brand – to get them noticed.  I mean, it is a social media position after all so it only makes sense, right?

Well, that’s exactly what Idid.  I built a brand for myself and I called it Lisa 4 Alicia Keys and with everything I did in the social media space I would mark it as such. Whether it was a  Tweet (#Lisa4AliciaKeys), a blog post, a video, or even its own Facebook Fan Page, the mark was there. 

I had a logo created (thanks to my friend, Erin Foglietta of Hemlock Hill Design)

I posted consistently on my personal blog –

I even created three videos thanks to my colleagues & friends that highlighted the reasons why Alicia should hire me:

As of this morning, that video had 92 views!  Check out my You Tube Channel for the other two.

Probably my most humbling experience – the creation of my Facebook Fan Page – Lisa 4 Alicia Keys.  Within 3 days of creation, I had over 100 “fans”.  Within a week, I had 136!  And I thank every one of them. 

On top of this, I made sure that myself and/or my supporters were burning up the streams for the Twitter hashtag #AliciaJob

not to mention my own – #Lisa4AliciaKeys


I am so proud of this success.  While I did not make it to the Top 60 Applicants for Phase Two, what I did was equally as important

I have successfully branded myself for something I believe in.  That counts!  The way I see it, some employer somewhere will see this, as well as all the other hard work I put into my social media and marketing expertise, and want to talk to me about what I can do for their company or organization.  Better yet, they’ll want to hire me!

So, I don’t look at this as a loss by any stretch.  For me, it’s definitely a win!

I want to take this opportunity to thank every single one of my supporters, those that Tweeted (or re-tweeted) about my quest, posted on my Facebook Fan Page (or the wall of my personal profile), sent me emails of encouragement, or participated in my videos.  I can’t even begin to express my gratitude for all of that.  I am so humbled and so grateful for each one!

I still believe that I would’ve done an amazing job with I Am A Super Woman dot com.  I am a champion for women’s empowerment, social media, and a combination thereof.  For one reason or another, I wasn’t selected and I’m perfectly OK with that.  I send best wishes to the candidates that were.

If there is anything you gain from this post, I hope it is that taking chances and working hard for what you believe in will bring not only professional success but personal success as well.



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10 responses to “Success Despite A Loss

  1. I absolutely think something better is coming your way! I’m so very proud of you!!!!

  2. You did a wonderful job and got the word out there about not only her and you! Congrats!

  3. Jean…I agree. God has BIGGER plans for me.

    Lisa…and you did an amazing job helping spread the word. Thank you!

    Ginny…CRUSHING it daily, my friend.

    Thanks to ALL of you! Your support spoke (& still speaks) volumes. 🙂

  4. Crystal Roberts

    You are a true professional. Thank you for allowing us to follow you in your quest. That dream gig will fall into your lap, I just know it.

  5. It will all work out in the end. It always does.

  6. Lisa – I think that your efforts in this endeavor will live on for a long time and take many forms. You demonstrated your drive and willpower, as well as your brains! Great job. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  7. Thank you for all the continued support!

    Crystal…I agree that dream gig will come about eventually. 😉

    Honeysmoke…Yep. It definitely does. Thank you for taking the time to read AND comment.

    Morgan…I do have brains, don’t I? Man, that’s good to hear! Not being sarcastic; just thanking you for recognizing that. Means A LOT!

  8. Their loss Lisa. You did your thing your way.

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