Alicia Keys is Hiring – I Hope It’s Me!

Two weeks ago, Alicia Keys announced she was looking for a Head Blogger for her new initiative, I Am A Super Woman. Of course, I could not NOT put my hat in the ring for this one. I applied through the partnering site,, but I didn’t leave it at that.  I’ve been blogging, Tweeting, & Facebooking (I know, I know.  That’s not a real word.) about it since.

“Alicia Keys Needs Me”

“THE Hashtag For My Quest to Work For Alicia Keys”

“The Strength of a Woman”

“The Strength of a Woman – The Local Side”

I’ve even begun compiling clips for a video blog to go with all the rest of this. The way I see it – her people aren’t just going to weed through the resumes; they’re going to take a look at who’s talking about it online, specifically who’s serious about their candidacy.

I’m serious!  What she is looking for is really up my alley.  I believe in myself, my abilities, my experience, and more importantly, I believe in the cause. What “I Am A Super Woman” is going to do to empower a global community of women is going to be amazing.  It’ll bring my Tweet Divas action to a whole new level.  So, I keep trekking on.  My quest will definitely get noticed in some way, shape, or form!

But, I’m a realist too.  I can’t just count on this position to be THE position.  I’ve kept the door open to other possibilities – local and national.

Follow my quest at my personal blog at Quintessential Feline, on my Twitter stream (the hashtags #Lisa4AliciaKeys and #Aliciajob), and keep an eye on my You Tube Channel for a couple of vids as well.

Wish me luck!


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