Media Leaders Raleigh – A Plethora of Raleigh’s BEST

I attended the second Media Leaders Raleigh event last night hosted at Isaac Hunter’s Oak City Tavern and super organized by Sarah Burris (Communications Manager at Carolina Advanced Digital), Phil Buckley (Search Manager at Sinclair Institute), Morgan Seim (Social Media Strategist at Media Two Interactive), Brian McDonald (Marketing Director at Zencos), and Dan London (Director of Online Marketing at Share File).

As you can see from those listed above, Media Leaders events aren’t all about meeting & engaging with “traditional” media personnel.  There really is a plethora of great minds to mix and mingle with.

What I love about this type of gathering is that it’s not formal.  There aren’t any speeches to be given or lessons to be learned created by an official agenda.  The only lessons an attendee might gain are those in which they have chosen.

My goal last night was to introduce two of my favorite Triangle women to as many of those that I already have been aquainted with, not because I just adore these two ladies but rather, I wanted them to each spend some time getting to know those in the Triangle-area that they might wish to further develop relationships with.  One lady, Courtney Smith, works for the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina.  The other, Ashley Sue Allen, is searching for just that right position to call her own and that will make a difference for the right company or organization.  Both ladies are amazing smart women and deserve to know those that I network with consistently…and those they meet deserve to know them!  That was my goal and hopefully lessons were learned.

On the other hand, I got to mix and mingle with some of Raleigh’s BEST minds, creative, driven, intelligent professionals who everyday make a difference in their respective professions.  People like Teri Saylor of Vype Magazine, Anton Zuiker of Science Online, Wayne Sutton of TriOut and Fragment Labs, Mommy blogger & foodie Ilina Ewen, and so many others.

So many fantastic minds in one room!  Each one with their own purpose, their own area of expertise, distinct in their own way.  You could feel the creative energy flow as the minutes ticked away.

If you haven’t attended a Raleigh Media Leaders event yet, you should!  Come meet those which you may have never connected with before or mingle with those you have. Even if you are not in a “media”-related profession, come and develop (or nurture) a relationship with some fantastic folks who you might need assistance from in the future (and who might need your help too!).  They are all “Media Leaders” after all.

My purpose next time will be to meet those I have not met yet and catch up with those that I haven’t had an opportunity with in a very long time.



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11 responses to “Media Leaders Raleigh – A Plethora of Raleigh’s BEST

  1. Maura

    I believe you left out my husband who helped organize and invited ShutterBooth which everyone seemed to enjoy.

  2. Nice wrap up Lisa. I’, a big fan of the casualness of the event. Glad you and your girls enjoyed.

  3. Maura…wasn’t intentional by any stretch! Trying to get a TON of stuff done today. I did thank Brian in my Facebook post though. 🙂 And I then updated this post as well thanks to you & Phil! Brian…hope you forgive me or shall I go sit in a corner?

    Phil…thanks! We did and we look forward to the next one too. Hats off to ALL of you guys for organizing. Seriously!

  4. Teri Saylor

    Hey Lisa: Thanks for everything you did to facilitate all of the meet-ups. And thanks for the shout-out. You Rock, woman!

  5. Oh Teri…I just take care of my Tweet Divas & occasionally assist elsewhere but thank YOU! It’s nice to be recognized amongst the BEST. 🙂

  6. Mission accomplished! Both Courtney & Ashley Sue were a pleasure to meet. Thanks for making the introduction.

  7. Thanks for your kind words and being a big part of Media Leaders event. It takes everyone from the planners to the venue to the attendees to make a great event!

  8. Morgan…so glad you got to meet two of my fave Raleigh ladies!

    Brian…so true! Everything seemed to mesh very well last night. Kudos to all!

  9. FanTASTic event, loads of fun, and great recap as to why I came home raving about it, despite the sad news about losing Rockford yesterday!

    ❤ Thanks, Lisa… and by the way, #Lisa4AliciaKeys !

  10. @Lisa Thanks for the recap — glad we could do dinner beforehand. Looking forward to Greg’s A/B man-on-the-street review video.

  11. Ashley Sue…REALLY glad you came out to meet many of my favorite Raleigh media peeps! And THANK YOU for the Lisa4AliciaKeys shout out too. 😉

    Karl…did you see Greg’s vid – He does SUCH a good job! Loved your MLR recap as well. Thanks for the kudos!

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