Leading the Charge for Ignite Raleigh Volunteers

I’m not one to promote myself.  Well, I don’t want you to think I think I’m “all that” (insert smile in here).  However, I do wish to take a moment to tell you what it’s like to be associated with an amazing event like Ignite Raleigh as the Volunteer Coordinator for the second time.

First, there are the guys – Wayne Sutton, Jeff Cohen, Ryan Boyles, & Kipp Bodnar, otherwise known as Our Hashtag, LLC.  These guys are so far stretched over the Triangle area social media landscape, it’s a wonder there’s anyone else in the spectrum…and I don’t mean that in a negative way by any stretch.  In fact, if it weren’t for these four, we wouldn’t have such incredible events as Ignite Raleigh, Social Media Business Forum, Triangle Tweetup (how ’bout that Deep Fried Triangle Tweetup last fall, huh?), or Triangle Social Media Club.  Those are just a few examples.  It’s my pleasure to assist them.  I enjoy it and I feel privileged to work alongside this great group of guys.  Really.

And then there is Ignite Raleigh itself.

Have you never attended?  Well, you are missing out!  Put about 15 speakers in a room full of 500 attendees and give them each 5 minutes & 20 slides to present a topic that not only interests them but the crowd as well.  Talk about inspirational!  The ideas that flow through some of the most amazing brains in the Triangle are just that – amazing.  The fact that I get to be there to watch it all unfold and assist in the effort as well, is worth every minute of my time.

Ignite Raleigh August 5, 2009 Volunteers – Christine, Stefanie, Camden

And finally, the volunteers.  I am so fortunate to have some fabulous people want to do what they can to help keep the night flowing smoothly.  People like Deirdre Reid, Mary Nations, Dawn Crawford, Maura McDonald, Lisa Freeman, etc. make my night and I thank them for their dedication.

So, you see, not quite about me but rather, about the experience.  Will you be at Ignite Raleigh 2 on March 3rd?  If you are, please remember to thank the guys at Our Hashtag , the evening’s sponsors, AND your volunteers.



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2 responses to “Leading the Charge for Ignite Raleigh Volunteers

  1. Thanks for the post Lisa, you’re awesome

  2. Lisa,

    I plan to be at the event. If you need another set of hands, please let me know how I can help.


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