The Ladies Who Lunch – Triangle Ladies Who Tweet at The Pit BBQ

What a GREAT way to start off the New Year!

Twenty fabulous ladies from various parts of the Triangle gathered together for a mid-day luncheon, the FIRST for our group – “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” ( TLWT), at the most well-known Carolina BBQ establishment in the area – The Pit BBQ.

Ed Mitchell, Owner and Founder, greeted us warmly thanking us all for choosing his restaurant as our gathering place.  How could we not?  I mean, with the local Tri-Out and Foursquare crowds staking their claim on the establishment, it was time for the Ladies to step up to the challenge!

Special thanks to our server, Erin, for being such a delight…and so prompt with everything too!

Finally, a very special thanks to our very own Allison Najman (AKA @mbagrrl) for organizing this get-together today…and for choosing The Kramden Institute as our charity of choice this month.  I’d be remiss without thanking the Ladies that donated USB drives to this very worthy cause too.

The food was fabulous (as always!), the company abuzz having tried to catch up since the holiday season, and I have to say, once again it was another successful event.

Look for more details in the coming weeks for a fundraiser for the victims of the Haiti Earthquake, especially the local tie-ins, as well as news about what’s going to happen with “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” in 2010.  It’s some good stuff!

That, I promise.


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