“Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” New Year’s Luncheon

Happy New Year to everyone, especially our “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” gals!

Come kick off the New Year with a small luncheon get-together at local favorite The Pit BBQ on Wednesday, January 20th at 11:30.  BUT, you gotta register here – http://www.eventbrite.com/event/535708318 to ensure you have a reserved seat!

As with all of our TLWT gatherings, we connect to a charity.  This time it’s the Kramden Institute who are looking for spare USB drives.  If you’ve got any lying around, please bring them with you.  If you have other computer equipment to donate, contact allison@mbagrrl.com to arrange.

According to the Kramden Institute’s website, their Mission:

Kramden Institute Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charitable institution based in Durham, NC that is dedicated to empowering hardworking economically disadvantaged students to bridge the digital divide and advance their academic and personal achievements by awarding them home PC computers. This is achieved by collecting donated computers, refurbishing, and reusing computers thereby extending their useful lives and reducing e-waste.

A special thank YOU to Allison Najman for organizing this event!  What a way to start off the New Year filling our tummies with delicious food and networking with the professional ladies of Triangle Ladies Who Tweet while giving back to this wonderful organization.

Hope to see you all at The Pit next week!


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