The First “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” Equals SUCCESS!

RachelEllenBethThe ladies of the Triangle mixed and mingled with each other making new connections, reconnecting with those they already knew, and gave to a charitable cause all at the same time.  WHEW!  I think I’m exhausted already!

Thanks to the unbelievable service and hospitality Hi5Room2andMeof the folks at Hi5 in Downtown Raleigh last night (SHOUT OUTS to our servers Ed and Wes and to our coordinator chick extraordinaire, Leah), I can safely say every lady enjoyed themselves immensely.  The proof is in the pudding –


The thing that is most interesting about social networking, especially Twitter and Tweetups, is watching those that have built relationships online actually meet in person.  It’s a totally different dynamic.  As a matter of fact, a hug is usually the gesture of choice rather than the handshake.  I saw (and experienced) so many hugs last night it just made me all giddy inside!

An interesting “meeting” took place last evening between what we referred The3Dsto as “The 3 Ds” – Deirdre, Deidre, and Deirdre.  Now, I’ve heard of several Lisa’s or Michelle’s or Jennifer’s being in the same room but a Deirdre or Deidre?  That was a FIRST!

I want to also send a special thanks out to Jennifer Griffin (or @jennafleur) for the suggestion of Abbeygail’s Re-Chic Boutique as our charity of choice.  Great idea!  And thanks to the ladies that brought their donations to the cause too!!  If you attended and were unable to bring (translation – may have forgotten *wink*) your items for donation, Abbeygail’s is always accepting of donations.  Check their website for more details or give them a jingle.  They are great people!

Numerous times last night I was asked when the next “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” Tweetup would be.  I’m thinking second week of November, right after elections and just before the holidays.  How’s that sound?

And since Hi5 worked out so well – the room, the service, the PRICE – I’m also thinking that needs to be “our” gathering spot, too.

I close with this – the whole purpose of the evening was to allow for an opportunity for ladies in the Triangle who Tweet to connect beyond the relationships that are being built through the web.  I hope every lady in attendance was able to do just that.

For more pictures from the evening, you can check out my Flickr stream here.


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