Triangle Ladies Who Tweet – Why the At Reply?

Why the @reply, you ask? The answer should be fairly simple but I’m happy to explain.

The event is called “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet”.  It’s exclusively for the women of the Triangle who use Twitter as a social networking tool.  Every day there are millions of people on Twitter and there are countless opportunities for “Tweetups” in just about every country, nevermind city.  For the ladies who Tweet, there hasn’t been a particular Tweetup for them yet, at least not here in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area  to get together for a chance to meet each other in person, perhaps make a NEW valuable contact because of it, and just gab just like we gals like to do!

So to honor the Twitter system, per se, I felt it was important that in order to be considered an attendee registrants had to do something Twitter-like to register.  Thus, the @reply.

This is a networking event for women.  Sure.  BUT, it’s Twitter that brings us all together, that connects us.

And that’s the reason I didn’t use Eventbrite, email, or some other program to encourage participation.

Tonight is a chance not only for ladies who tweet to get together but also for those same ladies to share their tips & tricks with others, especially if the “other” is a beginning Tweeter.  Share your expertise, Girls!  And have fun while doing it.

See you all (those of you that responded correctly anyway) tonight.

And don’t forget about Abbeygail’s Re-Chic Boutique.  Bring your gently used professional clothing to help a lady out that might be starting out a new life right here in the Triangle (more below).


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