What to Expect at “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet”

First, I am overwhelmed by such a positive response to what started out as a networking coffee with like-minded gals.  Apparently, this was a void that needed to be filled!

“Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” is meant to be that – a networking opportunity.  Yes, there will be drinks & appetizers and all that good stuff but I hope each and every lady in attendance uses the time wisely to connect in person with the ladies they’ve been Tweeting with, find opportunities for collaboration with other ladies that you might not have had that opportunity to connect with otherwise, and of course, reconnect with those you already know.

While you might have a cause that you are completely passionate about or a product that you are dying to sell, remember this is just like Twitter – it’s an opportunity to make new connections but it’s not all about you.  It’s about joining the conversation and providing value to someone else.

So…get ready to “join the conversation” and don’t forget to have plenty of business cards on hand (I’d recommend that you write your Twitter screen name on them too) to be ready to pass them out to the new ladies you connect with.

I have updated THE guest list in the post below.  Please be sure to check that your name is on it.  There are only 15 spots left so register today!  Remember, the only way to get on the list is to @ reply me at @lisasullivan.  (I’ll explain why I had registration done this way in a later post.  It’ll make sense.  I promise!)

More information about “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” to come next week.

Have a GREAT weekend everyone!



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2 responses to “What to Expect at “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet”

  1. Hi Lisa – I found this event from Carolina Social and am excited to see you started such an event. Please count me in.

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