“Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” We Have Details!

(Updated to reflect list of attendees as of 9/8 & Charity Tie-In)

Mark your calendars, Ladies!

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009



High Five – Glenwood South, Raleigh

NO Cover!

$5 apps & drinks on your own

An opportunity for we ladies of the Triangle to get together, to network, to meet & greet with those we Tweet!

The charity that has been selected is Abbeygail’s Re-Chic Boutique, a subsidiary of the Women’s Center of Wake County (See post above for more details!)

Limit of 70 Guests.  Remember, to get on the list YOU must @lisasullivan that YOU would like to attend.  The following ladies have replied to me as of 9/8:



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12 responses to ““Triangle Ladies Who Tweet” We Have Details!

  1. Jennifer

    Lisa – I’m not off work until 8 anyway. Can I just stop by? ~@wiggitywack.

  2. Dangit! Business meeting at the other end of the state that night. Sounds like a next time…


  3. I’ll be there! @TracyNeedham

  4. I’m in! Thanks! This will be fun!

  5. I can’t go! I am bummed. When is the next one? I will make sure to request off for it!

  6. Hey Lisa! This sounds fun. Put me on the list. Thanks!


  7. I have an event to cover at 7 p.m. tonight and can’t make it to “Triangle Ladies Who Tweet.” You can take me (SCONC) off the list. But please, keep me in the loop when you’re having another one. I’d like to come.

    Sabine Vollmer

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