What is this “Ladies in the Triangle Who Tweet” Mini-Tweetup Thing?

twitter-logoThought I should take a moment to clarify.

This is an “event” (and I use that term loosely) that was inspired by several of my Tweeting lady friends that don’t know each other but I seem to know them and can connect them all together.  So, rather than scheduling boo-koo “coffee talks” to introduce them all (not that I have to but I sure as heck enjoy it!), I said to myself, “why not host a ladies who tweet in the triangle tweetup of sorts?” And the rest they say is history!

Tomorrow I’ll scope out location.  I’m not looking for sponsors.  It’s not THAT kind of Tweetup.  Rather, it’ll be just we professional ladies who wish to get together over drinks & appetizers to network for a couple of hours one night in the weeks to come.

There will be a charity tie-in of some sort as well because I mean, it cannot…or better yet…will not be just about us girls.  We’re getting together already so why not get together and “give back” too?

Now, I know I will not please everyone with the date choice.  It’s nearly impossible!  However, I’m hoping that once the date is set (I’m thinking 2 weeks out) most of the folks “on the list” will be able to come.

So…if you are a Triangle lady who Tweets (i.e. you live in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and surrounding areas) and you would like to join the fun, please let me know by sending me an @lisasullivan reply on Twitter. I’ll get you on that coveted list!  🙂  (I don’t know how coveted it is but it sure sounds good, doesn’t it?)

Oh and depending on location, I might have to cap that list off so get your name in early!

The Triangle seems to have many opportunities for all Tweeting folks to get together.  Let’s make this one Ladies Only.  *wink wink*

There is one caveat – you MUST be on Twitter to attend.  (Alas, the title of the event!)

One more disclaimer – I already Tweeted this but just to keep everything on the up and up – since I am not asking for sponsors, there may be a cover charge depending on location.  I will try to keep it LOW.  Just be prepared just in case!



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3 responses to “What is this “Ladies in the Triangle Who Tweet” Mini-Tweetup Thing?

  1. Such a great idea and boo-koo thanks to you for arranging it! I can’t wait to meet all you Ladies in the Triangle Who Tweet whom I haven’t met yet. Cheers to you Lisa! -@DeirdreReid

  2. You are awesome and you are my friend, too! So glad to know you. What a great idea, just hope it’s a day I can attend, “wink, wink.”

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